“It is not what we give but what we share, for the gift without the giver is bare”

Class Descriptions:

PILATES EQUIPMENT:  Whether you are challenging yourself with a private lesson, or opting in on challenging yourself with others, we guarantee you will be satisfied with our excellent teaching staff.  Our equipment Pilate classes will incorporate fundamental Pilates classes with the assistance of our machines to provide greater resistance by the use of springs.  Equipment Pilate classes at Performance Rehab will focus on flow, breath, and innovation of exercises depending on your individual wants, goals and needs.  Equipment classes are unique, fun, effective and will always challenge you each and every time you come in. These classes depending on size will incorporate Pilates Reformer (balanced body), Cadillac, Barrel, Chair and even the jumping board.

BARRE + SCULPT: With our teacher expertise, we wanted to offer you a combination of our Peak Pilates class + Barre.  From head to toe this class will challenge your entire body, but will leave you feeling lengthened and balanced.  The class will begin in the center challenging your back, core and arms (sometimes using low weights) and will progress to the barre focusing on leg, back, and core strength, as well as stretching.  Finally, this class will take you back into center for a few more challenging exercises before finishing up a few notches down with a combination of movement and active stretching.

MAT CLASS: Mat Pilates classes aim to build your Pilates knowledge and skill base. Our Mat classes are challenging, innovative, and focus on core stability, pelvis stability, flexibility, balance, coordination, and proprioception. These classes are geared towards educating you to learn what muscles to use and “turn on,” while not overusing the incorrect muscles for everyday movement. This focus promotes better posture, muscle length from head to toe, and an overall feeling of strong, balanced, and ready to come back and do it again state of mind.

TECHNIQUE CLASSES: Need individualized technique dance classes to improve your dancing, increase your self-esteem/confidence, and excel your technique with close attention to detail? Privates will be tailored to individual needs, with close attention to detail by recently retired professional ballerina, Jill Marlow Krutzkamp.  Jill can answer questions, challenge you, and will help you conquer your dancer goals. If applicable, Jill will use a portion of the session for strength training and a review of home exercise practices.

YOGA: From beginner to advanced, we offer all types of yoga. We welcome anyone to come practice, whether on a spiritual journey, on a mission to relieve everyday stress, ground yourself, and become stronger we have opportunities for you.

POINTE SHOE EVALUATIONS: This evaluation will consist of a functional objective test that lasts 30 minutes.  This test is used for the purpose of assisting the decision to start Pointe classes with a medical opinion. The evaluation is recommended to last for a 1 hr session to review an exercise home program to strengthen areas that need extra attention to prevent injuries from occurring while on Pointe shoes.


Please call 913-648-6755 or write for questions or inquiries.