Expect dance & health post Once a Week:                                                                          


Movement and Conversation Post: (One every other week. 2x/month)  A multidimensional look at ways to move, expand and improve dimensions of health. How a dancer moves through life both onstage and off! Or perhaps, sharing, news finds, things that come my way, or just plain discussion focusing on a topic! Topics may include one of the following: (For articles that relate – click on topic title)

  • Favorites List *Just Added* – Indulging a bit deeper in sharing my favorite finds out there in this gigantic world.  What inspires, motivates, humbles, excites, fascinates, and makes me laugh.  A deeper look into the mind of the voice, Jill Marlow Krutzkamp.
  • A Dancer’s Profile *Just Added* – A personal profile of a professional ballet dancer with a take on their own personal importance and quest on integrating dance and health.
  • Balanced Self – Dancers are people too.  What balances, motivates, and inspires dancers to keep on dancing.
  • Behind the Scenes – Just for fun.  Dance studio!  Back Stage!  Off Stage!
  • Exercise Show and Tell – Step by step description and reason for exercise, with a focus on strengthening, flexibility, and proprioception (neuromuscular awareness).
  • Love Eats – A closer look at how fuel creates energy, peak performance and a balanced body (interviews, favorite dancer food, recipes galore).
  • Peaking Performance – A look at collective ideas from dancers, massage therapists, physical therapists, etc., on ways to improve performance both in the studio and onstage.
  • Research Shows – A look at, mention of, and sharing of science based health facts, statistics, and dance journals.  Prevention at its finest.
  • Stress Check – For the feet, body and literally the mind.  An honest look at strategies that aid in reducing, preventing and coping with stress onstage and offstage.

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