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Jill Marlow KrutzkampYou may be thinking, “What inspired me to take up this blog?”  Well the answer is not so simple, but I will do my best at keeping it that way.

Quite simply, I’m a lover of ballet, or health, or both!  I recently retired in May 2015, from a 15 year professional career from the Kansas City Ballet, Cincinnati Ballet, and Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre. I’m thankful for every moment of that time in my life and my heart will always hold a special place for dance.

I am currently the Wellness and Pilates Director for Performance Rehab in Kansas City.  I have an awesome space with Pilates Equipment, and studio space with a sprung dance floor, barres and mirrors. This space provides for all sorts of fun classes! Please email me or call me for further inquiries in regards to the services provided.  913-648-6755 or either or

More about me:

Throughout my ballet career, I have been taking college classes, and in the fall of 2007 I decided after an injury that blatantly threatened my ballet career, to major in Health Education.  Luckily, I returned to dance and after a 9 year stretch of tackling college class after college class, loop hole after loop hole, I graduated in August 2011 with a Bachelors of Science in Health Education with a focus in community health from the University of Cincinnati. From this day forward, I will always think there is no animal better than a bearcat! Well except for my golden retriever named Maddie!

I have always felt that dance has lacked the health attention that it deserves.  Other than a nutrition talk here and there (which let’s be honest – is not always so helpful), there is just not enough focus on the educational aspect of a dancer’s total health.

My intent of dancehealthier is to share informative ideas, stories and information that come my way.  Sometimes the topics will obviously and directly relate to “the dancer’s life,” and others will seem more “health” related, but the integration will always remain present.  I dedicate dancehealthier to all those “hungry” dancers who are in constant reach for more (we can’t help that we are perfectionists).  Whether you read and never look back, or become an avid reader, my hope is to educate, motivate and inspire you in some way throughout your own personal quest for “that more” – whatever it may be.

Many thanks to:

My Baby Girl- Abrielle Jane Krutzkamp, My Husband- Anthony Krutzkamp, Lovely Sis- Jennifer, Lil’ Bro- Thomas Jr., Dad- Thomas Sr., Mom- Martha, Family-in-law– Anita, David, Kate, Isaac, Ben, Crystal, and my four nieces & nephews, Mentors- Jill Vonderhaar Nader, Lindy Springmeyer, Mr. Nowak, Timothy Draper, PapPap and Gram, and my friends.


9 thoughts on “The Voice

  1. We admire your passion for dance and your tenacity to learn why dancers become the artists they are! We will always cherish your demand as you marched into our “room” and requested “You have to help me make my dream come true as I want to be a professional ballerina” You were 12 years old! You were meant to be just that and so much more in the dance world! Your injury was meant to be and not only did it make you a stronger dancer but a well balanced educator of dance, wellness and well being. Congratulations on your new endeavors. Mama and Dada

  2. I found the link to your blog on Tutus & Tea, and am so happy to find another ballet blogger focused on health and nutrition issues. I came back to ballet after 20 years, when I was struggling with a severe case of arthritis. After trying several different exercise routines, I found that ballet was the only activity that got the symptoms under control, and I was inspired to get my teaching certification at ABT, whose new National Training Curriculum was designed with significant input from the medical and physical therapy community. I now teach, and write about ballet from the perspective of one who sees it as a healing activity and a healthful lifestyle choice, hoping to make it more accessible. I’m looking forward to learning more from your blog.

    Carla Escoda

  3. I too went down the route of studying health education alongside my work in the dance profession. And I find it really enhances my work with dance teachers. Looking at dance from a health education perspective is endlessly fascinating. Great to know that other dance professionals are in health education too. Good luck with what you are doing.


  4. You are so very inspiring! I am so glad to have found your blog. A few months ago, I experienced some horrible injuries that resulted in misalignments, pelvic and sacral torsion, and ultimately rib dislocations. Fortunately, I found someone (my kinesiology professor, who soon became my saving grace and someone I truly love and admire) who took the time to help me and explain what was going on with my body. It turns out that my injuries were merely the physical manifestation of inner pain that I had been trying to forget for years — my excessive muscular tension due to the inability to let go of muscles I didn’t need to use was a direct reflection of my inability to let go of things in my life. This tension exacerbated the misalignments that are natural in my body, and that was enough to cause serious pain. But, after a summer of long overdue reflection, discovery, learning, and letting go, I am happy, healthy, and finally the “me” I’ve always known I could be, both in the studio and in everyday life. Because of this, I have a sincere passion for health from a holistic approach as it relates to dancing. After having gone through this transformative experience thanks to gained knowledge about dancer health, I very much admire your ability to share your gift with your readers. Thank you!!

  5. Wow! You have been through so much, and I’m sure it has not been easy up to this point. I’m so happy that you are doing so much better and I wish you all the luck and perseverance in the future. Thank you for visiting my blog and It makes me happy that you enjoy it.

    Sent from my iPhone

  6. I’m so glad I stumbled onto this site. Living in Manhattan, I may have to drive out and see y’all at some point. Thanks so much for writing


    A newbie :)

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