Heart Opener

One year into business at the GLORIOUS 75th and Antioch Performance Rehab location my partner, Kendra Gage, and I are continuing our mission to provide preventative and rehabilitative care to the dancer, gymnast and performing arts community of greater Kansas City. We are rewarded on a daily basis as another talented artist walks into the door with a smile on their face and leaves feeling hopeful, stronger, more mobile with a HUGE smile. We are fortunate to be trusted by such talented individuals and thankful for them keeping us on our toes.

Let me just geek here for a moment. . . Problem solving is sooooo much fun! This exercise I decided to focus on three main things!

  1. Heart  Opener
  2. Standing Leg and Pelvic Stability (in external rotation)
  3. Lengthening of Quadriceps, Iliacus and Psoas on working leg and strengthening of standing leg (opposition)

Now take a look at these lovely ladies demonstrating a 4th position turned out lunge from the reformer. When I asked them how they felt after completing this exercise, they gave me feedback that they immediately felt “more lifted out of their hips and more open in their chest.” The next day they told me they felt more stable in ballet class.

Enjoy these lovely ladies and if you are in the Kansas City community feel free to stop by!


Need a little hip help? An in-depth look at dancer specific exercises to increase flexibility and strength for your hips.

A hip to the right, a hip to the left, around and around those hips shall go!  Some days we as dancers are told to move those hips from right to left, and other days we are told (okay, so EVERYDAY as dancers we are told) to keep them stable, still, silent, yet flexible – all while moving every other part of the body.  We’ve got to be able to do it all!  For preventative purposes, as well as technical purposes, the hips and pelvis must provide for a stable base, all while maintaining both stretch and strength.  That’s an interesting mix, an interesting recipe, and an interesting quest.  A quest that needs some attention.

Attention? Okay, let’s see? How about a little anatomy lesson?  Okay, I promise, I won’t make it boring.  Like in all things in life, keeping it simple is the way to go! And it’s free too!!

imagesThe muscle dancehealthier would like to concentrate on today is the SARTORIUS muscle.  The SARTORIUS muscle inserts in the anterior (front) part of the medial (towards the center) condyle (protruding part) of the tibia and originates in the anterior iliac (hip).  A daily use of this muscle is sitting in indian style, or for the dancer, just that little thing we call TURN OUT!

Need some specific Strengthening and Stretching Exercises for the SARTORIUS muscle, check out FIT future, a blog dancehealthier follows.

And now for a dancer specific exercise, follow along with Josh Bodden, professional dancer with Cincinnati Ballet.  Thanks for the help, Josh!

All you need is:

1) a reformer, 2) Two RED springs latched on tight, 3) the drive to repeat this exercise 10x.