Turningplexitis anyone? How to rid such a story.

All dancers suffer from turningplexia at some point in their careers.

Okay, hate to burst your bubble, but there is no such a term.  dancehealthier made the word up, but I bet that you all knew what it meant anyway? Why not go a little further by subtracting and adding the new suffix itis, so it reads turningplexitis .  Have you suffered from such a thing?

Either way, dancehealthier can bet that even for the lucky born turner out there, everybody could use a little turning help.

Have you suffered from any of the following symptoms? 

  • Turning over and over, again and again, in the back corner of the studio.
  • Marching off from the center of the room after a “turn gone wrong.”
  • Saying to yourself before takeoff, “I’m gonna mess this up,” “This is gonna be bad,”  “I suck at pirouetting,” or anything along those lines.
  • A period of “non turning days” that sometimes can last up to months.
  • Back and forth. . . Some good, some bad, some just alright!

Unfortunately, dancehealthier does not have a magic wand, or a flower that sprinkles magic dust through your computer screen that heals your turningplexia or turningplexitis, but it sure has an exercise that may help.  Thanks to Physical Therapist, Jill Nader.  We worked together to come up with this strengthening exercise, that is hoped to be shared.  Helps to build coordination, balance, upper leg strength, external rotation, pelvic stability, and power to push off.

Repeat 10 x

Thank you model, Jackie Damico!