dancehealthier is no longer just a blog.  Educating over the internet is easy and super fun but teaching in person brings the purpose of providing students, pre-professional dancers, professional dancers, and teachers to life.

I stress time in educating the following topics through a detailed array of activities, participation, lecture, and open discussion.

Topics include:

Nutrition. Injury Prevention. Mental Health. Social Health. Stress Management. Balanced Health.

For more information on these seminars please contact me, Jill Marlow Krutzkamp at

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Tutorials from students:

” I liked how you showed things from your blog and had real life examples of how health impacts dancers at a professional level.”

“I liked how it came from a professional ballet dancer who really knows what she’s talking about.  The information was so helpful and easy to understand and grab on to.”

“I appreciated the emphasis on overall health, not just on nutrition or just injury prevention. It made me think a lot and it was fun too.”


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