Dance Conditioning Camp

Hi Ya’ll!

I don’t know about you but I know I am getting ready for the summer! At performance Rehab I will be holding a PRE-SUMMER dancer conditioning camp!  I promise a few things.  We will have fun, we will learn and grow, and we will raise the bar to heighten your peak performance before you head out to your summer dance plans!

Please contact me via phone at 913-648-6755 or e-mail me at to confirm your spot on board!  Can’t wait to work with all of you!


Call Jill 913-648-6755 or e-mail at Performance Rehab to confirm your SPOT! SPOTS are GOING FAST!

Together we can make a difference! The ultimate goals of this camp are to…

  • Reach your maximum potential and peak performance before you are off to your summer program or summer plans
  • Prevent injuries from occurring
  • Gain confidence and self-esteem

May 22 – May 26

Monday – Friday

1:00-3:00 PM

May 31 – June 2

Monday – friday

1:00-3:00 PM

June 5 – June 9

Monday – Friday

1:00 – 3:00 PM

June 12 – June 16

Monday – Friday

1:00 – 3:00 PM

Example of what One Week will look like:

May 22 – 26 Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
1:00-1:55 abdominal, back and hip turn out w/ disks and barre barre with Jumping & turning ankles & stability w/ Pointe arms , obliques, & review
2:00 -3:00 yoga & stretch sweat & stretch coordination jumping & more turn out w/ disks

Pricing goes as follows/person:

May 22 – May 26: $200  

May 31 – June 2: $120  

June 5 – June 9: $200

June 12 – June 16: $200

In respect of the camp, there will be a 20% deposit required at sign up! Only 1 day makeup is allowed!  Thank you!

Call Jill at Performance Rehab to Confirm your SPOT! SPOTS are GOING FAST!


Take a peak!

How about a few beautiful pictures of Kansas City Dance Festival, which will  be premiering for the 4th consecutive year in summer, 2016. I do have to brag a bit, only because my handsome husband and awesome friend are the Artistic Directors. At a young age these “boys” are learning the ropes, taking risks, hiring exceptional choreography, and allowing dancers to be free to move – groove – grow – feed off other artists – and excel at all levels.

Dancers always want a few simple things. A positive atmosphere, challenging and popular choreography, and inspiration from other artists. A huge part of what KCDF is about is to create the most effective environment possible.  Nothing is better than that! Like Violette Verdy always said, “Dance is hard enough as it is.”

This year as general manager, I keep checking off the hefty “to do list”, especially before baby Krutzkamp is born. It’s just us three but thankfully we have an amazing board of directors, production staff, and supportive friends and family.

Check us out if you haven’t already and enjoy these photographs, all by our amazing head photographer, Philip Koenig.

Kansas City Dance Festival 2013Kansas City Dance Festival 2013Kansas City Dance Festival 2013Kansas City Dance Festival 2013KCDF-6 (1)KCDF-4 (1)KCDF-5 (1)KCDF-3 (1)

Dancer with new prosthetic leg dances on pointe!

There are always the wonderful stories of dance students making it professionally. They dedicate their lives to pursuing their dream, their art and their passion.  These stories alone captivate little girls hearts, admiring adults, and impresses wise elders.  Particularly these stories can be even more empowering due to the fact that it can take dancers 4 or 5 years post high school just to get into the corps de ballet. It’s an added struggle that dancers older than 28 or 30 didn’t have to deal with quite like they do today.

Stories motivate, inspire and keep us going.  Hearing everyone’s particular story is unique and empowering in itself, however sometimes there a few that reach just that little bit more.

Here is one in particular that I thought you may like to watch.  She is a strong young lady! Enjoy the weekend coming and hope you come back for more!

House for Rent in Cincinnati, Oh. Move in date, April 1, 2016!

Anyone in the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky area looking for a house to rent starting in April of 2016?  

This quaint brick bungalow is charming, endearing, maintained, and is in a great location in Pleasant Ridge, Cincinnati. Great NEW windows (2009), NEW central air (2013), UPDATED hard wood floors (2008), UPDATED fireplace, black & white kitchen, front porch with porch swing, UPDATED screened in back porch, NEW 6 foot wood fence in backyard (2010), UPDATED small garden plot, on a cul-de-sac. 2 bedroom, 1 full bathroom, 1 car garage, close to Hyde Park with convenient shopping, coffee shops, restaurants, French Park, MadTree Brewing & U.S. route 71N/S. Short commute to downtown. Walking distance to Nativity School & Pleasant Ridge Montessori. Washer & dryer in unit, & kitchen appliances included.

Please contact for inquiries and/or further info.  Rent $925, including water and trash removal/pickup.

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Location: Pleasant Ridge. Cincinnati Ohio, 45213

Contact for Address/Further Inquiries: or please call (859)816-3685!

Rent: $925 including Water & Trash removal/pickup

Available: April 1, 2016

A dancer profile with Kara Zimmerman, ballet dancer with Victor Ullate Ballet Company

Today, I feature an amazing person and dancer. Someone that remains positive everyday, seizes the day and is a beautiful and strong human being. I hope she finds you all well, inspired and intrigued. Have a wonderful Holiday Season dancehealthier followers.- Jill Marlow Krutzkamp (founder/author of dancehealthier).

Name: Kara Zimmerman

Vocation: Currently a Ballet Dancer with the Victor Ullate Ballet Company in Madrid. Formerly with Joffery Ballet (6 years), Cincinnati Ballet (1 year), and Pacific Northwest Ballet (8 years).


Defining Moment on Stage to Date: I have had many defining moments on stage throughout my career so far so it is hard to pick one. But for me, every first as a professional dancer has been a defining moment I believe.  My first time performing as a professional, my first solo, my first pas de duex, my first principal role, my first time performing a fulfilling piece by an incredible choreographer, my first time being thrown into a piece with a half hour emergency rehearsal, my first time performing with each different company I’ve been in.. Most recently was my first time performing with the company here in Madrid.

 I’ve also had some amazing moments on stage when I am fully involved in the role, don’t notice anyone around me, and it seems as if I am in a dream which I never want to end.  Then I also have had a few moments when things aren’t going right (falling, forgot the steps, costume dramas, partnering that’s not working well, the orchestra is playing too slow/fast..etc!) and I have to think quick to figure something out to fix what is going wrong in a way that the audience wouldn’t have a clue. Without these experiences and defining moments, I would have NEVER grown into the artist and professional dancer I am today.

Favorite Style of Dance: Some of my favorite things I have enjoyed dancing so far in my career have been by George Balanchine, William Forsythe, Wayne McGregor, and Christopher Wheeldon.  I especially also love dancing any type of pas de duex.  There is something wonderful about sharing the experience on stage with someone, working together and connecting with someone to create something I wouldn’t be able to create on my own.

Inspiration: Sunsets, there is something amazing about a beautiful sunset.


Favorite Dance Wear Brand: Pointe shoes: Freeds {makers key and club}

Clothes: I don’t have a specific one, just anything that is comfortable and I feel good in.

Favorite Energy Breakfast: Coffee, Orange Juice,  Peanut Butter Toast.

Favorite thing to do on a “day off” from Work: Right now I love exploring Madrid. There is so much to see and I want to do it all.


How do you blow off steam: A walk, take a different type of dance class, try something new,  or a cup of coffee with a friend to vent and laugh.

Why do you think integration of dance and health is needed:  It is important to keep our bodies as strong and healthy as possible.  We are top athletes and our bodies go through a lot everyday so we need to treat them well. For dancers our bodies are our instruments and it is important to be healthy to be able to perform at our best.


What’s next for you: Right now I want to make the most out of my time and experiences here in Madrid and to be open to any opportunities that may come my way.

Photograph Credits: Herbert Migdoll and Cheryl Mann.


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