Health Coaching for Dancers!

Today I will be featuring Jessica Spinner, founder and health coach of The Whole Dancer. I hope you enjoy what she has to say on this TGIF and please check out her free webinars on-line, as well as other services and programs for serious dance students and professional dancers.

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Finding gratitude as professional dancers is so important. Sometimes after dancing for many years and working so hard everyday, dancers start to feel burnt out.

Those are the most important times to come back to gratitude…

I remember early in my dance career, a non – dance friend saying, “so you just dance around all day?”

And I though, Ugh, if they only knew how hard ballet is they wouldn’t put it so lightly. Now, looking back on that moment, I have a very different perspective.

Professional dancers really do have the amazing privilege of dancing almost every day. Yes, it can be exhausting. Yes, it is HARD work.

No, it’s not all fun and games and as I was reminded by a very intense teacher during my more serious training, “everything is not beautiful at the ballet.”

Finding your happiness as a dancer doesn’t always come naturally. It’s important to make a regular practice of gratitude.

Just like taking class every day, aspiring professional dancers and those who have already “made it” should take the time to acknowledge the unique position you’re in.

Whole Dancer-6 copy

Most people will never know the shear joy of captivating an audience with movement or the fun of dancing in a corps de ballet with some of their best friends.

As a former professional ballet dancer turned health coach I am so grateful for the special opportunity I have now to help dancers create a more balanced mindset and a healthy and long – lasting career.

Mental and physical health can be neglected as teachers and artistic directors are typically more concerned with the exterior aesthetic – understandably. The look of the dancer is a big focus and training an aspiring dancer to have beautiful technique is a sizable task.

I see a major place for health coaching in the dance world so in August I founded The Whole Dancer and launched The Whole Dancer Program – an 8 – week group program designed exclusively with ballet dancers in mind.

The group program covers: goal setting, eating well, cross – training, personal assessment, self – love/care and career. So basically, all the things that should happen outside the studio to help you become a well – rounded artist and individual.

There are also more focused one – on – one programs for dancers who are seeking more personal guidance and desire a devoted mentor outside of their current circle.

In the short time since the inception of The Whole Dancer, working with aspiring dancers through seasoned professionals has been beyond rewarding. Words cannot convey how humbled I am to hear that they feel the trajectory of their careers is forever improved from their participation in the The Whole Dancer programs.

Sometimes we feel we know all the right things we should be doing but with The Whole Dancer you get to additional support and accountability to help you follow through and take the best possible care of yourself.

Thank you dancehealthier for spreading the message of health to dancers and for sharing The Whole Dancer with your readers.




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