Football players like Pilates too!

I absolutely love this video and wanted all of you to see just why I do!

Recently I just started working for Performance Rehab, a therapist-owned physical therapy practice bringing the highest quality of patient care in Kansas City. The owners have decided to support a new clinic (details to come) which will be directed by my colleague, Kendra Gage (PT, DPT, OCS) who specializes in dance physical therapy.

At this new clinic I will be her comrade, buddy, and pal running the Pilates and wellness side of things. How appropriate and perfect, right?! We absolutely can’t wait to better the Performing Arts Medicine network here in Kansas City by the means of a specialized clinic and services provided, but it’s important for me to emphasize that Pilates is not just for the dancer clientele! When opened, this new clinic is open to all!

Pilates is indeed for everyone, and Matt Forte from the Chicago Bears shows and tells us what I mean in this quick video! It keeps him staying flexible and challenges him too! Do share!



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