Effort vs Efforting today

What are your thoughts on the definition of effort? What about the act of efforting? Is there a difference? Is one more positive and/or more productive than the other. . .

Lately, dancehealthier has been doing a bit of research and cognitive thinking on whether there is a clear difference, and whether that difference – if it exists – is pertinent in everyday life. Yup, dancehealthier is going deep today.

The Still Point

Photo Credit: Philip Koenig

Effort is the result of attempt that often times is forced and strained, in order to make something happen.

For Example, on a physical level sometimes our body tells us, by a particular sensation, that a specific action is painful. Regardless of what our body is telling us, we still do it anyway. Therefore, we are doing everything in our effort to make it happen, ignoring what our body is trying to tell us.

A mental example of forced effort is making yourself act happy (or saying you are happy) when really deep down, you are pissed and/or sad (or anything but happy).

In both these examples, your conscious decisions could be made due to impulse, denial, perfection, or impatience. However, it is essentially important to remember that forcing effort is a part of human nature.  It’s okay to be imperfect. That’s the important part to identify with. Accept your behavior, and start again.


This is where the breakdown of efforting occurs. Efforting concentrates more on the idea of consciously being aware of how one really feels in more of a relaxed and realistic manner.  Efforting depends on digging down deeper into your subconscious, taking account for your own self-care, and accepting the truth.

A way to practice in the dance studio:

Next time you try for another piroette, think to yourself in a calm way, “do it, do it, it,” versus anxiously and innerly forcefully yelling at yourself inside, “DO IT, DO IT, DO IT!”

It’s not always possible to not strain, yet relax, but check whether you are aware of how you talk to yourself. With time this awareness, and efforting the ability to start again, will help you along your way in a more stress-free and positive manner.

Kansas City Photographer - Aaron Lindberg www.aaronlindberg.com

Kansas City Photographer – Aaron Lindberg

Feel free to comment your thoughts or ask any questions by commenting.

Thanks for your attention today and remember to always dancehealthier.


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