Kansas City Dance Festival Time

Well I’m pretty humbled that I get to be the General Manager of this festival called Kansas City Dance Festival. Next weekend marks our 3rd annual Kansas City Dance Festival. Our mission is to provide cutting edge choreography to dancers from all over the world in the summer months. We love it all. We love our dancers, our choreographers, our sponsors, our supporters, our audience, our city, our community.  This year we are hiring dancers from Miami City Ballet, Pennsylvania Ballet, Richmond Ballet, Finnish National Ballet, Wonderbound, Owen Cox Dance Group, and Kansas City Ballet. Enjoy some photos from KCDF year 1 & 2, and if you are in town I encourage you to come to the Folly Theater for performances at 7:30 PM.  Please visit our website to support and buy tickets and to just learn more about what exactly we do. Kansas City Dance Festival.

Photo credit to our brilliant photographer: Philip Koenig. Enjoy!

The Still Point

The Still Point

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Kansas City Dance Festival 2013

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2 thoughts on “Kansas City Dance Festival Time

  1. Beanies,
    Extremely well crafted blog, this week’s article enhanced with great photos of previous outstanding KCDF dancer performances, and all-around uplifting article. Great Job!! xoxox

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