Keep moving forward

As dancers, we tend to always ache for something more. That “more” varies at different levels and changes with time and space, taking the shape of a bell curve, or may be best described as a “roller coaster ride.” Dancers are dreamers, unconventional, creative, motivated and driven people. A dancer’s expectation is to grow artistically throughout their career, which inevitably changes their everyday life outside the studio. We seek things, more and more and more. Because when that “more” is felt, it makes you feel a rush.  A rush of adrenaline.  A rush of euphoria.  A rush of serotonin. Mostly, a rush of accomplishment.  With accomplishment comes confidence. With confidence comes more and more and more.

Unfortunately, the reality of the “roller coaster ride” sets precedence and the low times are inevitable. However, it is important for the dancer to experience the low times so he/she can appreciate the better times that much more. The more a dancer can understand this concept, the easier things will be for them. Ultimately, handling the hard times and pushing forward, or in other words, defeating your own defeat is just as much of an accomplishment, if not more, than being handed a silver platter at all times.

Remember though to not be so hard on yourselves and believe in yourself no matter what. When you can find your own happiness, regardless of what is happening around you, then life will be much easier for you inside and outside the studio.  It’s not what happens to you, but how you react to it that matters. Listen to yourself, believe in yourself, and keep pushing onward and up. In dance, but most importantly in your own life. Lastly, surround yourself amongst people who believe in you and your believe in other people too. People need you just as much as you need people.


Need a good book to read: “Wild,” by Cheryl Strayed, A walkabout of reinvention. Read this review by Dwight Garner, from the New York Times. (I heard from a lil’ birdy that it is being made into a movie).

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4 thoughts on “Keep moving forward

  1. A lovely post to start out the new year motivated and encouraged… thank you Jill! Wishing you love, light and strength this season!

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