dancehealthier highlighted in 2015

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I’d rather have a life of ‘oh wells’ than a life of ‘what ifs’. New Year’s resolution number 1. For dancehealthier’s sake, it is my hope in the year 2015 to create an even better forum, base and platform for the integration of dance & health. To do so, as founder/author of dancehealthier, I understand and know it is my duty and obligation to move forward with ideas, creativeness, thoughtfulness in the hope to educate, advocate and push the limits for dancer wellness and health.

Since the launch date of dancehealthier in August 2011, my blog has been noted and recognized by the Missouri Arts Council blog, Living Wellness Kansas City Magazine, articles of interest on Muhlenberg College’s website, and numerous dance and health related blogs. Dancehealthier has provided workshops and seminars for academy dance students, college students, pre-professional ballet dancers, and dance teachers. In 2015, the plan is to continue this momentum and gain more notoriety in a field that will inevitably continue to grow in the world of dance with time (even if slow).

In 2014, dancehealthier popularized, was shared, viewed and networked at increasing speeds (I promise my stat page proves it), and it is my hope in 2015 to exceed this networking speed gigantically. With this said, I need your help. Help spread the word, share it to friends, dance teachers, schools, ballet companies, wellness/health professionals and providers.

I wish you all a happy new year and please look forward to new topics that will make you smile a little too.

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