Going Down the Rabbit Hole at KCB

It’s a rainy day today in Kansas City, but there is an abundance of color passing, flying preparing to fly, hanging, swinging, growing, shrinking and being bountiful. Kansas City Ballet opens Septime Webre’s, Alice in Wonderland, a week from this Friday, so that means that the dancers are preparing both physically & mentally for the big week ahead..

I asked a few dancers of KCB what they are thinking about the week before the big opening:

Sarah Chun – Performing the leading role of Alice: “I’m trying to put all the pieces together, so I’m comfortable and confident in the role.”  Those “pieces”include rest time, costume changes, and transitions. This week, more than ever, she has been focusing on character development by finding nuances throughout the ballet that match her style of dancing, but most importantly portrays Alice’s character.

Charles Martin – Performing the leading role of the Rabbit and Tweedle Dee: Charlie explained that he has been concentrating on getting comfortable with the costumes plus having to perform difficult choreography (turning, jumping, partnering). Playing the rabbit, he has also been bringing to life his interpretation of the character even in the smallest transitional scenes.

Hannah Keene – Performing a Rose, a Twin, a Card & 4 little Flamingos: Hannah is a new dancer at KCB and she has been doing a terrific job.  She has been focusing on fitting into the new environment, and “fitting” into the established group.

Amanda DeVenuta– Performing a Rose, a Twin, a Card & 4 little Flamingos: Amanda is focusing on her energy expenditure & gauging how to pace herself so she looks her best throughout the long rehearsal days, which she hopes will translate into the shows.

Enjoy a few pictures I took during the AM’s rehearsal.

photo 4 photo 3 photo 2 photo 1Be Sure to Check out KCB’s WEBSITE for TICKETS.  They are going fast so be quick!


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