New York City =’s Mad Dash

Talk about a mad Dash. Wake up. Make hotel coffee. Shower up. Change. Add a lil’ makeup. Dash down 38th Street. Pick up more coffee, a scrumptious baguette, hardboiled egg, & orange juice. Oh, I forgot the h2o. Dash to the subway. Take the 1 express train to Steps on Broadway. Take class with Nancy Bielski. Have a wonderful motivating conversation with Nancy after class. Stretch & exercise. Eat my banana & drink more h2o. Run into Erica Periera, soloist of City Ballet on Broadway. Late but worth it, so, mad dash to Long Island City & get fitted for Freed pointe shoes.  Yes, people I said Freed. Time to eat lunch then off to Gaynor Minden, my pointe shoe provider since I was 18 17.  MAD dash to Chelsea on the Subway to GM. Exchange photographer email addresses so I can officially become a Gaynor Minden Artist. Give Gaynor Minden employees HUGE hugs and dash to meet friends for dinner. Of course late though, because I reunited with Matthew Prescott, danced with him for Cincinnati Ballet & Suzanne Farrell Ballet, in the middle of a Manhattan intersection. Have no clue which one. Laugh with friends and dash to the ever so posh & famous Boom Boom Room for a great view.

photo 4 copyDash.  Subway world.  People watching.

photo 1 copy 2Boom Boom room.  Beautiful view.

photo 2 copy 5I thought I spelled chlorine.  I was right.  This is a hot tube.

photo 5Manhattan times with friends.





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