Stay Classy San Diego

I love me some “Anchorman,” & I also love me some San Diego.  After completing a few dancehealthier summer dance program workshops, my hubby and I traveled to sunny San Diego.  Quite frankly, the real reason for the last minute vacation package (really had internally planned it for months) was to celebrate my husband, Anthony Krutzkamp’s retirement from the stage.  I’m so proud of his accomplishments.  He moved & inspired audience members’ with his natural stage presence, masculine mannerisms, refined technique, emotional output & how could I forget. . .


Here are some pics to recap our celebration.

photo 1 copy

La Jolla, San Diego. Pit stop from the beach. On our way to George’s Cove. A thank you shout out to Laura Dunlop for the recommendation.

photo 2 copy

Fire pit. Bottle of wine. Ocean.

photo 2

Balboa Park. Woah! Enough said.

photo 1Botanical Garden @ Balboa. Gorgeous. Refreshing. Free.

photo 5

Lines. Sunlight. An accomplished dancer.

photo 3

Spanish Village. One of my many favorites. Art. “Could have spent all day here!”

photo 4

Appreciation. Satisfaction.  Commitment.  Applause.  Spanish Village. Bravo!

No filter.

Should have a picture of the seafood.

I can’t believe I don’t have one. Delicious!


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