Career Transitioning

The topic on this cold (yet sunny) winter Wednesday is on Career Transitioning, which each and everyone of us will experience at some given point.  That time when we walk the bridge from being a dancer to the next big thing, whatever that might be.


I recently received an e-mail from a reader.  This particular reader is interning for a career transitioning organization and asked me a few very interesting questions relating to a shift from dance to the “real world.” She made a few good points that I feel is worth sharing.

  1. The average age of a retired dancer is 34.  (I actually was surprised that this number was so high).
  2. Generally dancers don’t retire with a pension or monetary reward of merit.
  3. Currently there is not a large database of transitional resources that dancers can utilize or have the choice to pick from.

But, what if there were more choices.  Would we as dancers use them.  My guess is, YES!

Ask yourself these questions?

  1. If there was a blog that was specific to career transitioning, where you could share your story/feelings/direction, would you use it?
  2. Would you prefer individual counseling?
  3. Would you utilize a Facebook or Twitter page as a resource to share thoughts, job ideas, occupational opportunities, and stories?
  4. Besides career transitional organizations, should ballet companies have more individual responsibility over their individualistic dancer’s specific career transitional needs?

These are all very interesting ideas and thoughts to think about. Let me know, if as readers, you would be interested in dancehealthier categorizing a specific career transitioning tab in which you could share your story, ask questions, or plainly just have somewhere to go when you need assistance.  I would gladly do it.




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