dancehealthier featured in article by the Missouri Arts Council


I don’t mean this in a negative kind of way, but as a blog writer (for now over 2 years), I tend to at times wonder if my efforts of writing are making the kind of impact I always intended the site to have.  I will ask myself, “Are people really reading this,” or, “Am I really helping people?”

If you really think about it, blogging is kind of a silly and scary thing all at the same time.  As a blogger, you write and press a publish button.  It seems simple, but pressing it means it is sent to an immense and vast internet for an immeasurable time where it can be shared, liked, sent and saved.  So I take it back. Blogging is kind of scary!

As bloggers, we can check our stats page to see how many people clicked on the article and site, but the question of, “Are they really reading,” still always remains questionable.

As a blogger, I was very grateful to be notified by the Missouri Arts Council that dancehealthier was included in their February main article on their webpage. The article is written by, Barbara MacRobie, and it is titled, Snapshots of the Missouri Arts Blogosphere.  Dancehealthier is in the “By Obsessed People” section ;-) under the subhead of “More, and Elsewhere.”

To check this article out, click on the link above for the PDF format, or even better yet, visit Missouri Arts Council and click on the main image of their website!

Thank you Barbara and to the Missouri Arts Council for reading and including me in your article.  It makes hitting that publish button all that more worth it.


3 thoughts on “dancehealthier featured in article by the Missouri Arts Council

  1. Love the mention, Jill. You deserve it. Your blog is smart, well-written and always informative. As for the “By Obsessed People” in the arts council newsletter . . . well, I guess ballet calls for a certain amount of obsession. But I’d probably phrase it differently. You know, something like “By Inspired People” or “By Driven People.” Whatever the writer’s choice of words, congratulations. You and Anthony continue to wow me.


  2. Thank you, David!

    I appreciate your comment. I especially enjoyed your opinion on the phrasing part of it all. “Obsessed” maybe, but I like your phrasing better. I thought similarly to you!

    Hope you are well!

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