Putting one step in front of the other is sometimes all a person needs. As dancers that’s what we programmed to do. Subconsciously we constantly move. One step, two step, three step, four.


Even in our dreams, right?  That is in some way the beauty of it all.

Have you ever had one of these dreams?

  1. A dream when you pirouette 8,9,10 times.  Maybe for some of you that is a realistic feat, but to turn that many times for myself is a dream in the making.
  2. A dream when you go over those steps in your head over and over again. Jeté pas de bourreé. Jeté pas de boureé. Jeté pas de boureé.  Or maybe realistically, something a bit harder on the brain.
  3. A dream where you dance exactly the way you wish to be.  Positive visualization of our dream of perfection.
  4. A dream when you miss an entrance because you can’t find the stage door.  One foot in front of the other and the door appears.

Have you had dreams like these?  Or maybe other dreams similar? Feel free to tell us here on dancehealthier.

Any dream interpreters out there? How do these dreams correlate to our being?  dancehealthier would love to study these unconscious realities.


2 thoughts on “Dreaming

  1. Haha to reference my first tweet this morning:
    “Last night’s #dream: desperately tried explaining gap in performance experience to #casting directors. Eugh no more #latenightreading #dance”

    Would love an interpretation ;) but quite honestly I think the stress of 1. not actively performing, 2. being sick and not dancing for the past week, and 3. reading a plethora of late-night literature on navigating the “job market,” has been getting to me..

    Just wondering, what inspired this post? :)

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