Keeping the mind on track.

Today, dancehealthier keeps hitting delete.  Have you ever read a sentence over and over and over again, with no recognition of what you just read?  Oh, you know you have!  It’s maybe not a normal occurrence for most, but it’s an inevitable truth that it does happen to us all.

I guess that’s how it goes, but you get back on track right?  Or you at least do your best at grasping the sentence eventually.  Putting the book down is not what most dancers would do.  Sometimes you just need to keep your mind on track, whether it be in the studio, reading a book, an article in the New York Times, cooking another dinner, or just going through the motions of daily life.

I recently watched rehearsal of my colleagues and I realized how dedicated we as dancers really are.  The determination of our minds to do what we do everyday is incredible.  Then I realized that dancing, whether performing it or watching it, is utterly captivating.  Break it apart, and you will see it too.  Dancing is incredible, and I give credit to all of you out there persevering it.

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3 thoughts on “Keeping the mind on track.

  1. Nice entry! Dancing is indeed incredible and soooo very gorgeous to watch and even better to do!

  2. I’ve been taking time during the day to watch other dancers rehearsing and I’m noticing the same thing. Dancers are so resilient! Great post Jill. xo

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