Oh why I do love you, ADRENALINE RUSH

Post performance time! Aahhhhhhh! A big sigh of relief.  Flashbacks of what really happened.  Music still in my head.  A sudden panic in the morning that I have to do it again.  An appreciation.

There are a lot of people and things I’m thankful for as I look back at these past 2 weeks of shows, but I’ll keep that more private.  What I can, and so willingly would like to be publicly thankful for, is the almighty adrenaline rush that always seems to come at the perfect time.  It’s real, you can Google it.

So just for fun, I Googled adrenaline rush, just to humor you all just to humor myself.  I kind of chuckled, as I thought, “That is exactly why adrenaline might be the best rush ever!”

Urban Dictionary defines adrenaline rush as: A sudden burst of energy from an increase of the hormone adrenaline which usually occurs during a stressful event. Sometimes causes feats of abnormal strength.

The last part is what made me chuckle.  Just as you think you are on empty, that superhuman neurotransmitter which I have learned to both crave and love so much somehow knows just when to hit the ON switch.  The body is amazing.

Here are a few pics from the past two weekends.

photo copy 5

Jerome Robbin’s Fancy Free with Ryan Nye

photo copy 7

Ballanchine’s Allegro Brilliante with Geoff Kropp

photo copy 3

Another one from Fancy Free with Ryan Nye


10 thoughts on “Oh why I do love you, ADRENALINE RUSH

  1. The “appreciation rush” received by the audience was evident as you performed superbly. It’s recognized however that the combination of the preparation and the practice effort you want to keep private that preceded the stage performance plus the boost from the on stage adrenaline rush resulted in an excellent execution.

  2. Gorgeous pics!! I love the adrenaline rush too..! It’s indescribable. We only have performances once a year, but when the dancing is over I feel my muscles tremble because I worked so hard and had so much adrenaline coursing through my veins!!

  3. Hehehe, that last line is great. Makes me think of how difficult somethings are to do in rehearsal yet seem easier/less strenuous on the actual performance day. The only problem is when the adrenaline runs out and you’re left with the aches & pains those “feats of abnormal strength” caused :)

  4. Can’t wait to get my adrenaline fix, it’s been too long! Beautiful pics, and say hi to Ryan for me ;)

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