Banish your blister to blissfully dance :)

Well, well! It’s been almost one full month back at work in the ballet studio, and it sure has been a busy one to say the least. I’m thrilled with my recent interviews by the talented Eric Mazzie, lovely Kirsten Evans, gorgeous Courtney Connor, as well as dancehealthier’s own interview for LivingWellness KC’s homepage.

Please take a look at these mighty posts if you haven’t already, but be sure to check back for a few TOE friendly ideas.


Besides being inspired by all of my guest writers, I have been visiting CVS a lot, buying up there stock of corn pads, band aids, epsom salts, tiger balm and glucosamine.

Rehearsing for Allegro Brilliante, a world premiere by KCB’s new artistic director Devon Carney, a Kansas City premiere by Jody Gates, and the infamous Fancy Free has given my feet (and the feet of many of my colleagues) quite the beating.

So I thought, what a better time to compile a list of ways to expedite the healing time (or just minimize the pain) for your blister or corn when you have no other choice but to put your feet back in those dancing shoes. I certainly owe my friends for this advice. I hope it helps you too!

1. Soak the blister in epsom salts in a nice warm bath. Add a few capfuls of isopropyl alcohol if you would like (helps your muscles relax as well), and acts as a diluted antibacterial cleaning agent.

2. Clean it using bactine or hydrogen peroxide. Apply sparingly.

3. Dash diaper rash cream on the blister to dry it out.

4. Some have said to slab a piece of raw red meat right on it for about 10-15 minutes.

5. Also said to work – apply a small amount of iodine and alum (spice). Beware that iodine will burn if the blister is too fresh.

6. For pain management while dancing, apply orajel (benzocaine is the active ingredient).

7. Invest in corn pads, tape, toe spacers, band aids, and use them as much as possible.

8. Apply neosporin as an antibacterial agent but be sure to dry it out at night, or as much as possible, if the blister is raw.

Any other ideas, please feel free to share. Any dancer, I’m sure of it, would love to hear.


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