A dancer’s story in front of the camera!

Who says a dancer can’t have other talents too? The truth is, sometimes finding hobbies or so called other talents can help shape us into better more confident dancers. Abigail Maruna, corps de ballet dancer with Cincinnati Ballet, demonstrates this idea ever so beautifully. Recently, Abby took a liking to the camera and the camera took a liking to her! I’m thrilled to share a small (very small) portfolio of a dancer behind the camera.

Abigail Maruna: It all started with a ballet photo shoot called the Cincinnati Ballet Project that Courtney Hellebuyck (a ballet dancer with the Cincinnati Ballet) and I started with a photographer from Cincinnati. It was a way for photographers to learn how to capture movement and to do something different from their own photographic endeavors. Courtney and I were able to get 20 photographers to work together with us on this project. I loved it and soaked up every moment. From the first shoot I befriended quite a few of the photographers and started to do separate photo shoots with them.


AM: I have always loved and felt extremely comfortable in front of a camera. I was and still am very curious to see if I can make it in the modeling world. I am not the usual model type. I am too short, not stick thin and I don’t have an exotic face that makes me look like I belong in a zoo. I want to prove that someone like me can model.


AM: I have a few photographers that I have worked with quite a bit. They have really helped me build my portfolio (or look book). I have contacted an agency in Cincinnati called Heyman. I am really hoping to start working with them soon.


AM: It is getting me more exposure which has been great. In fact, my ballet career really helps me model. I am more aware of my body which helps so much because modeling is all about body awareness.


AM: I look at the camera as if it were a person. In fact, I forget there is actually a real person behind it! I become someone else. One of my favorite things to do in ballet is act. It is the same In front of the camera. It is my job whether I am dancing or modeling to make the audience believe whatever character I am portraying. I love that challenge and being in front of a camera is another way to do that.


One thought on “A dancer’s story in front of the camera!

  1. This Aunt is so incredibly PROUD…Abigail is equally beautiful inside and out!!! ♥
    Continued success in EVERYTHING you do sweetie!!!

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