Kansas City Dance Festival! Learning More!

Kansas City will be further enriched already in it’s lively art scene.  In just over two weeks the first annual Kansas City Dance Festival will be taking place outside the infamous Plaza area at UMKC’s Spencer Theatre.  I conducted an interview with Co – Artistic director, Anthony Krutzkamp.  He is sharing the artistic responsibilities with Co – Artistic director, Logan Pachciarz.  Here is what he has to say.

1000057_10151645627843739_1608167016_n dancehealthier:  I take it that putting a show together at a high magnitude like you guys are doing must be challenging.  How are you feeling with just over 2 weeks left until opening night?

Anthony: Energetic but tired.  Hopeful but anxious.  Yet unstoppable!

dancehealthier:  What makes KCDF different from any live dance performance in the Kansas City region, or really, anywhere?

Anthony:  Oh well, I guess it’s just not about people performing from different companies.  It’s about different people from different companies dancing together. Everyday the artists will take class together, rehearse together and become a company.

dancehealthier:  How do you think this will translate to the audience?

Anthony:  I’m not sure, by just watching, if the audience is going to know that many of the dancers are from someplace else, and I hope they don’t.  I hope that they see the performance as one full unit and never question that everyone is from somewhere else.  I hope that the artists are lifted because they learn from outside dancers and the audience in Kansas City can influence the artists from outside, creating a great show!

dancehealthier:  What kind of pieces/repertoire will be on the program?

Anthony:  Classically, Le Corsaire Pas de deux, Satanella Pas de deux from Carnival in Venice featuring dancers from Cincinnati Ballet and Joffrey Ballet of Chicago.  Also on the program will be a merge of dancers performing Don Quixote Suite.  All three of these pieces will have the audience at the edge of their seats mixing fun, entertainment, beauty, passion, and spice.

Contemporary wise, we have a brilliant mix.  Including, Kansas City premiers in which the Kansas City audience has never experienced.  Like, a pas de deux from Yuri Possokhov’s Bells, a work of mine for 3 men and 3 women titled, Familiar, Salvatore Aiello’s Satto, a male solo from Adam Hougland’sMozart Requiem & Ma Cong’s lovely piece for 6 dancers titled, AngeliTo be honest, I still am in awww of this repertoire.  It’s going to be such a great night!

dancehealthier:  Wow, this sounds fabulous!  Where and when will the shows be and how can people get tickets?

Anthony:  Thank you.  We are elated at how things are coming together and we can’t wait for the audience to witness it all!

Kansas City Dance Festival will be held on June 28th and 29th at UMKC’s Spencer Theatre.  Time is 7:30 PM.  Please call Central ticket Office at (816)235-6222 or buy online at https://tickets.cto.umkc.edu/public/show.asp.



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