Nutrition for dancers: Eat Fresh!

Eat Fresh – AND I’m not talking about Subway! Eat fresh – eat local – at your local       farmers market!

Something New – Farmers markets feature what’s in peak season which often can lead to finding items that stretch your culinary imagination.  Like gooseberries, donut peaches, or even 3 – inch thick carrots.

Learn and Ask – Farmers love to share their ideas, cooking strategies, and favorite sells.  It’s wise to learn, good to listen, and good to eat up.

photo copy 6

Prepare a Meal – On what caught your eye.  Maybe some fresh tacos, a unique egg scramble, a fresh smoothie, a rhubarb pie. Pick and choose what you like!

Freshly Nutritious – It’s true.  Fresh, recently picked fruits and vegetables have higher levels of antioxidants, phytonutrients, and better yet:  They even taste more delicious.

photo copy 2

Access to FRESH, local foods – Nothing beats this.  Everything tastes better even with an ounce of freshness.  Well that and a little love in the kitchen.

Supports Local Farmers – Keeps the money you spend closer to your neighborhood too.  Let’s face it that communal support boosts local economic growth, healthier living as well as greater purpose.

photo copy 3

Not just about fruits and vegetables – Local farmer markets are not just about fruits and vegetables.  Visit different booths for local dairy, protein products, and grains.

It’s Fun too – It’s becoming more of a societal norm, to visit farmers markets and it’s also a good time too.  A good venture alone, with a friend, significant other, and family.

photo copy 5


4 thoughts on “Nutrition for dancers: Eat Fresh!

  1. i love a good farmer’s market! judging by your pictures, this one seems pretty fantastic!

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