Need a little inspiration this Wednesday


A dancer’s job isn’t easy.  A muscle ache, a sore throat, a daydream of a lazy day, a low pay check, a layoff, a short career, an early retirement, a “that’s not good enough,” a judgement ( or many), the mind games and the butt load of pressure.  Seems terrible.  But, speaking for myself, I would never ask for anything else.  A dancer’s path is so special.  Filled with passion, accolades, accomplishment, achievement, devotion, glamour, prestige, & uniqueness.  We are made up a subculture that is extra devine.  Our career may be short, but our identity as a dancer never fades away.


2 thoughts on “Need a little inspiration this Wednesday

  1. What a beautiful thought/motive/inspiration to share… I am in absolute agreement :) Simply Lovely.

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