Favorites List (4.24.2013)

It’s time for a favorite post again! This is where I indulge in sharing my favorite finds, as well as digging a bit deeper into exploring what motivates, inspires, humbles, excites, and makes me laugh.  This past week’s event at the Boston Marathon left another gusty dark cloud haloing our world. Unfortunately there is always going to be some proportion of evil that exists in our world, which has been made more apparent recently due to current events.  On the other there is PLENTY of good.  In times of trouble I like to think optimistically.  Or at least distract myself with things that remind me that there is A LOT of goodness in our world.

To nourish ( A whole body nourishing meal and not to mention, perfect for spring).

To dance ( A new dance festival in Kansas City June 28th and 29th.  It’s gonna be great).

To start off the day right ( A perfect Pin that is perfect to look at in the morning).

To Live ( My home sweet home.  An environment that I can’t wait to get back to).


To reach for, to inspire, to motivate ( A friend showed me this You Tube video awhile back and I was just reminded of it again.  Amelia La La La Human Steps, choreography by Édouard Lock)

To press play ( Ben Howard radio on Pandora.  I’m very busy right now so his music calms me).


One thought on “Favorites List (4.24.2013)

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