The ideas behind the minds of three fine men. Kansas City Dance Festival.

Happy Wednesday everyone!

Remember my friends, ideas should never stop flowing.  We as dancers have an advantage.  Well we have many, but the one that dancehealthier is thinking about for today’s Wednesday post has to do with creativity.  We are creative people, and luckily with creativity comes ideas.  Putting these ideas into action brings us to another level.

The three men behind Kansas City Dance Festival!

The three men behind Kansas City Dance Festival!

A group of three fine men, Executive director Daniel L. Allen, Esq.; and Co-Artistic Directors,  Anthony Krutzkamp and Logan Pachciarz are driving 700 miles per hours lately.  They are putting on a show, coming late June, called Kansas City Dance Festival!  So dancehealthier got in on the scoop, and I’m happy to share this interview with Co-Artistic Director of the group, Anthony Krutzkamp.

dancehealthier: What has your experience been like thus far?  

Anthony: Mostly exciting.  But it does rack your brain a little bit.  So it comes with a little anxiety, but at a healthy level. The kind of level that gets you to work really hard.

dancehealthier: What was the main reason/inspiration behind launching Kansas City Dance Festival?  

Anthony: Well I have always wanted to do a show.  I have always wanted to raise it from the ground up.  I always wanted to see what it’s like to be an Artistic Director and Ballet Master and have those roles.  I’m at a point in my career where I have to invest time in what I’m going to do next.  Unfortunately, we can’t dance forever.  Logan, also co-artistic director, wanted to have a show with his friends in it, present good repertoire, and have a good time.  That’s our goal throughout all of this. . . To have a good time while putting on great dance!


Designed by Dmitry Trubchanov, Principal dancer of Colorado Ballet!

dancehealthier: What is it about Kansas City Dance Festival that is so intriguing to the KC community?

Anthony: I guess it would be the fact that there will be artists from other companies, bringing their repertoire, while also working collaboratively with Kansas City dancers.  There will be new pieces choreographed on this diverse group and the dancers will also be going out into the community to teach master classes.  This will have a huge impact on Kansas City dance students.  Also, the festival really highlights how supportive our arts community is in KC, and we are really thankful for it.

dancehealthier: You mentioned earlier, “unfortunately we can’t dance forever.”  That is a statement that all dancers are forced to think about due to the reality of a dancer’s career being short.  Do you agree that the idea of career transition can be stressful and how do you cope with your own anxiety?  

Anthony: Yeah, it can be very stressful.  But you have to have a good support system and you have to prepare yourself.  I  personally believe the world is going to be ready for you if you prepare yourself for the world.  As of now, I believe that I have to keep my nose to the grindstone and my eyes on the prize.  Kansas City Dance Festival is still teaching me so many different little things.  A lot of knowledge can come from a small idea.  And all these little things that I’m learning are helping me get there.

dancehealthier: What is one thing that people don’t think about when it comes to putting on a show like you guys are doing?  

Anthony: That everything goes with you.  Even last night, at 11:58 pm (after a full day of meetings),  my co-worker Logan and I talked on the phone spreading more information and more ideas.  I’m thankful for the adrenaline but it definitely does not help you sleep.

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3 thoughts on “The ideas behind the minds of three fine men. Kansas City Dance Festival.

  1. So excited and so proud of you Anthony in your new endeavor! Your drive and love of your art will open up so many doors in the future….so excited for “Kansas City Dance Festival”! <3

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