Favorites List (3.13.2013)


It might just be me, but I believe that a special date deserves a special treat!  Perhaps, a new topic titled, Favorites List, will be savory enough for you to enjoy but if you’re looking for two lucky number 13’s in this post, I’ve added another obvious one for you to check out.

Wait for it. . . That’s right.  dancehealthier is proud to announce a second new topic added to the platform titled, A Dancer’s Profile!

Be sure to check out A Dancer’s Profile for some already published inspiring posts by dancers’ from all around this gigantic world.  But for now, I can’t resist driving the pedal to the medal to present to you, my very first Favorites List (3.13.2013).  It’s a way for me to indulge in sharing my favorite finds, as well as digging a bit deeper into exploring what motivates, inspires, humbles, excites, and makes me laugh.  And please don’t be shy.  Use these posts to share your own finds too.  I would love to hear what you have to share and so would many others.

To decorate ( For a little love on your desktop.)

To dream ( Of a springbreak getaway.)

To gain perspective ( Children from all over the world with their favorite toy’s.)

To educate ( A fantastic, highly recommended blog e-course which I’m currently taking by Holly Becker of decor8.)

To start the day off right ( Breakfast blogged as an art.  I like to start my day out right, even if it’s looking at these pretty pictures.)

To find beauty in life ( An awe inspiring look at a friend’s beautiful sharing on Pinterest.)

To fuel the body ( A lovely inspiring sprouted kitchen & an excellent recipe guide.)

To dance ( And my hubby’s in it!)

To press play ( Ellie Goulding radio on pandora)


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