A New Year makes New Ideas

The life of a dancer. It’s up, it’s down, it’s busy, it’s slow, it’s motivational, it’s amazing, it takes turns, it’s painful, it’s inspiring, it’s giving, it’s surreal, it’s accomplishing, it’s present, it’s growing, it’s challenging, it’s full of possibilities.

Possibilities?  How many possibilities are out there to explore?  That’s Dancehealthier’s mission of 2013 – to seek endless possibilities of integrating health and dance, so that all dancers’ can dance healthier, longer, safer, & smarter.  Dancehealthier wants to thank all of its supporters, readers, & followers for your ongoing dedication.  It makes a huge difference when you share, spread the word, and support  the possibilities.

To start 2013 off right, dancehealthier will now publish each and every Wednesday.  Be sure to take a better look below to get a recap on the topics.  Dancehealthier is thrilled to be back!

  • Movement Wednesdays  (1st and 3rd Sunday’s of every month)         A multidimensional look at ways to move, expand and improve dimensions of health. How a dancer moves through life both onstage and off!
  • Conversation Wendesdays  (2nd and 4th Sundays of every month)  Weekend sharing, news finds, things that come my way, or just plain discussion focusing on a topic

Topics may include one of the following . . .

  • Love Eats – A closer look at how fuel creates energy, peak performance and a balanced body (interviews, favorite dancer food, recipes galore).
  • Exercise Show and Tell – Step by step description and reason for exercise, with a focus on strengthening, flexibility, and proprioception (neuromuscular awareness).
  • Peaking Performance – A look at collective ideas from dancers, massage therapists, physical therapists, etc., on ways to improve performance both in the studio and onstage.
  • Stress Check – For the feet, body and literally the mind.  An honest look at strategies that aid in reducing, preventing and coping with stress onstage and offstage.
  • Balanced Self – Dancers are people too.  What balances, motivates, and inspires dancers to keep on dancing.
  • Research Shows – A look at, mention of, and sharing of science based health facts, statistics, and dance journals.  Prevention at its finest.
  • Behind the Scenes – Just for fun.  Dance studio!  Back Stage!  Off Stage!

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