Love Eats – Spreading the love of food!

After (without a crumb of exaggeration) a hot sizzling summer, Autumn is here. With it comes crisp air, audible exhales of relief, warm colors, retrieval of scarves, falling leaves, and most importantly – scrumptious fall foods.

It’s important to understand the importance of what foods do for us as dancers.  It’s especially important to value the foods we consume.  How often as dancers do we hear the quote, “Our body is our instrument.”  This quote is often said to describe the product we produce from the physical use of our bodies.  Our product is movement, a sight that is a form of art.  But what about taking this quote, “Our body is our instrument,” one step further.  How do we care for our instrument?  A violinist will take careful steps in caring for his/her instrument.  This may include a soft duster, a polish,  and intricate cleaning in order to maintain a “healthy” instrument. You will never see a musician hand over his/her instrument to a stranger to carry and god forbid ever check it on an airplane.  A musician must value his/her instrument and a dancer must value their’s too.

It is not about what calories you omit, or what you eliminate from your diet.  Rather it is about, what you are putting into your body.  It’s about listening to your body and giving it what you need.  Allow your body to have a conversation with you.  Be willing to listen to your needs and appreciate what the food is doing for you.  Does your body need more fat, protein, carbs, water, etc. to keep up with your body’s demand of fuel?  Allow your body to take in what it needs – when it needs it – versus the idea, “I told myself I can only eat breakfast and dinner.”  Eat in moderation and your body will be happy with you.  And lastly, other dancers’ needs are not the same as yours.  Listen to your body.

Fruit fix:  Try bringing an avocado and eating it whole, with a pinch of salt and pepper, or add it to other fixings.

Vegetable Fix:  Have you ever made Carrot Ginger soup?  A perfect fall making soup.

Carb Fix: Buy a loaf of fresh local bread and share it with your co-workers and other dancers at lunch – Kansas City favorite Fervere

Protein Fix:  Fall favorite, – raw pumpkin seeds – a perfect 5 minute snack

Dairy Fix:  Greek yogurt – like yogurt but 3x the protein

Sweet Fix:  Apple pie with fresh local apples.  Anyone have a good one to share?

* Feel free to add some more options to circulate around.  Nothing is better than sharing good foods.  Happy Fall Sunday Everyone!! 

Also a cool site to check out is Nourishing KIDS – Supporting Schools, Inspiring Families at  Whole foods is piloting nutrition & health wellness education programs directly with school systems currently in Austin, TX. Help  spread awareness and advocate for helping kids eat better!


4 thoughts on “Love Eats – Spreading the love of food!

  1. This could not be more true.. I’ve also heard reference to our bodies being our ‘machines’ which we have to keep ‘well oiled’… Like a pricey sports car that you only want to put ‘premium gas’ into… Great post! Look forward to trying that soup recipe! Thanks for the tips!

  2. Great articulation of how dancers should eat! In northern California, with all the farmers markets and organic grocers, it’s relatively easy to eat well… and for busy dancers, even if you don’t have time to cook, you can assemble something quickly when you have such a wide selection of good food. But it can be expensive… and in cities where you have fewer options, it’s easier, faster and cheaper to buy packaged or processed food. I remember college days, living off of packaged cookies and chips!

  3. Thanks so much for your feedback. It’s important to emphasize the rawness of foods, where we are getting our foods from, and how we were are respecting our bodies by giving it what it needs.

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