A Deeper Look into a Dancer’s Perspective – A Dancer’s Profile with Laura Jones from Quixotic

Enjoy this week’s Conversation Sunday – Behind the Scenes entry, all in fun.  A dancer’s profile, with a wrap up with why she feels the integration of dance and health is vital.  More to come . . .

The beautiful Laura Jones – Quixotic

Name: Laura Jones

Vocation: Principal Dancer with Quixotic

Defining Moment on Stage to Date: In May 2011, Quixotic had a show where we collaborated with the Kansas City Symphony. I choreographed, as well as danced in the finale of the show. I remember right before I went out on stage being overwhelmed with how beautiful and amazing the moment was. We were in a grand old theater in Kansas City that was completely sold out. The symphony was on risers at the back of the stage, playing the most gorgeous music behind us as we danced, and I was so honored to be presenting my own work of art in this awesome setting.

Favorite Style of Dance: Growing up, and all throughout high school, I focused almost solely on classical ballet, and it was my goal to be a classical ballet dancer. However, when I graduated and got a job in a contemporary ballet company, I realized how much more movement there was to explore. Now I definitely prefer to use my classical technique to do more contemporary movement because I love the challenge of creating and executing new and creative steps.

Image taken for Quixotic promotional purposes

Favorite Dance Wear Brand: I love Eleve Dancewear by Lisa Choules. She is a former professional dancer, so she knows what is comfortable and flattering.

Favorite Energy Breakfast: When I’m really hungry or have a particularly active day ahead of me I like to have a breakfast burrito; a wheat tortilla, with two scrambled eggs, some spinach, avocado, and salsa. Mmmm…

Favorite thing to do on a “day off” from Work: I love going to the movies, going to a concert, or just cleaning my house and spending time at home with my fiancé.

How do you blow off steam  I like taking walks around my house and finding new cool neighborhoods, parks, coffee shops, etc. I also like playing a fun game of badminton in the backyard!

Laura Jones – Quixotic Show

Why do you think integration of dance and health is needed: In order to feel your best and to perform at your most optimum level, you need to be healthy. When you eat well and exercise on a regular basis, you’ll have less fatigue and more energy to work on improving your craft. You will also have fewer injuries, and heal faster. As dancers we demand so much of our bodies, so we need to respect them and treat them well. When we feel good physically, we will also be happier overall, and happiness is the most important thing, right?

What’s next for you: In the next few months, Quixotic will be creating a brand new show which will debut in November at the Lied Center in Lawrence, KS, so we’ll be working really hard on that. We’ll also be touring to Nebraska, Utah, and Texas for some fun shows.

Be sure to visit www.quixoticfusion.com to find out more on Quixotic’s mission, awesome video reels and future performances.


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