The learner mindset and why it helps.

KCB School

By now it’s safe to say that DANCERS are back at it.  Back to work, back to the barre, back to academy, back to the good ol’ grind of practicing and working towards that never ending idea of perfection.  As dancers, (no matter our age) we should always instill the mindset of a learner, a scholar and even a “student.”   Don’t get me wrong. . . I don’t mean we should be treated as students; instead we should have that healthy mindset of always entering the studio willing to learn.  To learn:  Willing to fall, willing to accept mistakes, willing to find a feeling, willing to listen to those constant technical reminders from ourselves, first teachers, and the coach.  Kansas City Ballet’s artistic director, William Whitener, motivates his dancers to always remind ourselves of how we were taught to first do the step, before it became embedded in our proprioception.  How were we taught to do a tendu?  How does our port de bras coordinate with each and every move?  And most importantly, how do we integrate that old knowledge and “student like,” technique to our broadened expansion of freeing our bodies in the extreme movement that is expected of us as professional dancers?  The challenge of this conversation brings me to the first of many Conversation Sunday’s of the season.  dancehealthier sure hopes that you enjoy the many conversations!

dancehealthier leaves you with this interview that Kansas City Ballet conducted with me for their new BLOG!  It talks about dancehealthier so be sure to check it out if you can!

Dancer Spotlight:  Jill Marlow


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