Communicating – Is it essential?

Have you gone a day without saying a single word to anyone?  Not even your pet?  Your answer is probably,”No,” or “I don’t know.”

We communicate through words, gestures, signs, body language, etc.  We all have different degrees of expression but we all communicate in one way or another because it is necessary.  Why is communicating necessary?  Essentially, it makes the world go round. It acts as a mean of expression. It tells stories.  It allows for questions, answers, and new findings. It helps us make sense of things.  It is direct.  It gives us perspective. It even allows for confusion, falsity, & acts of wrong.  The point is without a single form of communication we would be meaningless, purposeless, very confused, and quite frankly “duds” in society.

What’s nice about dancers’ is that we communicate and express ourselves through the language of our bodies.  We don’t need words to communicate a phrase, a feeling, or a story.  On the job we are expected to effectively communicate through all things but words.  However, behind the scenes our voices turn back on.  This is key to dancehealthier’s point.  We must rely on friends, coworkers, family, to experience – grow – tighten – & get perspective.  As far as communication goes, it is necessary and essential, but it is not always clear and as easy as it seems.  However, bottling things up, reserving or being numb to our emotions can get heavy and exhausting.  Trust and communicate.  Pick your battles.  It is another one of the many balancing acts of health we should strive to achieve.


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