True Movement – Stacy Sims – An empowering lady doing empowering things.

“In my late 30’s I had hit the bottom of the wellness scale. I was entering middle age as an alcoholic woman with a serious panic disorder. Luckily I entered into a 12 Step Program and never looked back. I also walked into a Pilates studio within the same week. And thus began my journey of reconnecting mind and body through mindful movement.” – Stacy Sims

dancehealthier has a beautiful story to tell – An intriguing, inspirational, motivational & to be honest; A story just to get you thinking.

The story starts with the discovery of movement, and what a better way to share Stacy Sims’s discovery than to share it with you on today’s, Movement Wednesday post.  I watched Stacy Sims grow in the 9 years I spent in Cincinnati, Ohio.  In 2002, Stacy founded Pendleton Pilates, a studio that grew immensily, and due to popular demand, was forced to expand its locations.  By the time Stacy sold all 4 Pilate studios in 2010, she was recognized as one of the strongest regional movement educators, writer, and business entrepreneur.  I would occasionally be fortunate enough to see her cool wispy hair, huge smile and friendly personality in the Cincinnati Ballet Studios, or the hotspot – Coffee Emporium, but due to my recent move to Kansas City, I now just have to click on her facebook a lot more :) She sure is up to more GOOD!

After her sale of Pendleton she embarked on a year of dance and contemplation.  She studied movement, explored movement, and learned that “most all bodies are deficit and imbalanced in many of the exact ways.” She felt a strong desire and need to educate others and so she started True Movement.

True Movement studies how well a body is organized by peace of mind, flexibility, strength, agility and what a body looks like when a dysfunction begins to occur.”  Stacy helps people train their eye to see and feel what the body is saying.  She believes that fitness is not just about the external physical result or the sense of well being but more about the actual wellness and function side of things. To do this she works in more subtle and effective ways by educating 7-10 key concepts of alignment and stability in her classes.  She has worked with Pilate clients, yogis, runners, dancers, rehab patients, emotional and trauma victims.

For a more in depth look watch her recent TED Cincinnati talk

And there is more:
To check out Stacy’s non-profit organization True Body Project – click HERE
“A non-profit organization dedicated to empowering girls and women, and anyone who struggles to be comfortable in their human body, to connect to their bodies and authentic voices in order to advocate for the health and safety of girls and women everywhere.”


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