‘Tis the off season!

‘Tis the off season!   

See you next season!

For all who may be finishing up their 2011-2012 season, already finished, soon to be finished, or finished for just a little bit; dancehealthier hopes that your layoff will be a good one.  For those who have or are celebrating their retirement, and those that may be moving on to new stages, congrats!  And to all that are looking for a recharge, there is no better time than the now.

  • Take trips, go camping, volunteer, garden, donate your time to be a big brother/big sister, visit other art forms, go fishing, take bike rides, pack a picnic, enjoy the sunshine (really), read books, educate yourself, write a short story, find new recipes, visit local farm markets, hike, watch the sun rise, exercise, take a road trip, start a journal, find new areas of town, take cooking classes, guest dance
  • Teach someone else dance, take pictures, go to the zoo, visit a farm, get an ice-cream, go to museums, pick flowers, salvage something, spend time with your family, have conversations, hand write a letter to someone, go star gazing, swim (fresh water, salt water, chlorinated water – all of the above), take walks, catch up on films, contemplate, take yoga, visit friends (they give you perspective)
  • Get on a boat (canoe/kayak works too), go to a baseball game, play games, sit around a bonfire, reminisce, embrace nature, read the New York Times (challenge yourself to a crossword), take a train ride, ask your parents/grandparents about their lives, sketch something, throw a frisbee, take advantage of our national parks, find shapes in the clouds, celebrate accomplishments, set new goals, explore architecture, walk through a college campus and feel the energy
  • Play catch in a park, take long showers, throw a football, grill out, create things, build something with your hands, take naps, change your room around, play trivia, go somewhere you have always wanted to go, sew, help someone out, help people out, give advice, sit and listen, go to a music festival, learn to play an instrument, go for something, ask advice, dress up, get out and about, put the computer down but then pick it  back up to check out dancehealthier :)

dancehealthier looks forward to the summer months to share more stories, more research, more news, more interviews, and more integration.  So visit often, share and feel free to comment requests.


2 thoughts on “‘Tis the off season!

  1. I just love this post…so full of healthy, invigorating, resting and rejuvenating ideas for our ‘time off’…..I look forward to referring back several times in the near future :)) Congratulations on finishing your season! Happy Summer!

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