Fats Food List – Does a dancer good!

 Dance. . . Go Home. . . Do it Again! 

Today’s Post will be THE LAST OF THE SERIES.  Ending it right with a fats food list!  So that’s right – plug in your printer – print them out  – well I mean only if you want to!  Below are links to the food lists from the last month of Movement Wednesdays!  dancehealthier hopes you have enjoyed this series!

Do you ever have days when you walk into the front door of your ballet/dance studio and say to yourself, “Wasn’t I just here?”  Well dancehealthier is certain that our muscles – if they had a voice – would most likely scream this!  “WeReN’T wE JusT HERE!”

One way – of the many ways – we can help our muscles recover faster, taper off excess amounts of lactic acid and prevent muscle fatigue is to eat healthy foods.  Plus, these healthy foods will do much more than just help out our muscles.  The benefits are endless. To name just a few: Physical strength, digestion, heart health, confidence, mental health, and “just feeling good.”  Feel free to add to this list.


 Each serving contains 5 grams fat, 45 Calories.

Please keep in mind – this is only a reference table.  This is by no means a recommended daily intake.  It’s primarily used for educational and reference purposes.  The more we know about our foods, the more we can apply it to our healthy needs.


Choose most often



1/8 medium

(2 tablespoons)

Canola oil

1 teaspoon

Flaxseed oil\ Flax meal

1 teaspoon

Margarine, Light Tub,

no trans fat

1 tablespoon

Miracle Whip, Light

1 tablespoon

Miracle Whip, Regular

2 teaspoons

Nut butter—such as almond, cashew, peanut (without added partially hydrogenated oil)

½ tablespoon


3-4 large

Olive oil

1 teaspoon

Salad dressing, oil based

1 tablespoon

Salad dressing, light

2 tablespoons

Soybean oil

1 teaspoon

Walnut oil

1 teaspoon

Vegetable Dip, light

2 tablespoons


Occasional use only



1 slice

Butter, stick

1 teaspoon

Butter, whipped

2 teaspoons

Coconut, sweetened, shredded

2 tablespoons

Cream, half and half

2 tablespoons

Cream cheese, regular

1 tablespoon

Cream cheese, reduced-fat

2 tablespoons

Sour Cream, regular

2 tablespoons

Sour cream, reduced-fat

3 tablespoons













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