Where we come from?

How about a blast from the past!  From the book, 100 years of DANCE POSTERS, I bring to you some images that inspired, compelled, electrified dancers, companies and audiences all over the world.  Indeed this brings up a lesson too.  Do we as dancers segregate ourselves to what we know about dance in the NOW?  We are indeed experts at our trade, but do we really know about our trade?  I can testify my own answer, which is  geared more towards the lesser side of the knowledgeable scale.  It is a funny thing, when you really think of it.  Dance is and has been our life, but how much do we really know?


2 thoughts on “Where we come from?

  1. This is amaZing!!!! What thought-provoking, inspiring content, thank you!!!! Going on amazon now to look up that book…

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