Milk/Dairy Food List – Does a dancer good!

Dance – Go home – Do it again . . .  Dance – Go home – Do it again . . . Dance – Go home – Do it again . . . Dance – Go home – Do it again . . . Dance – Go home – Do it again . . . Dance – Go home – Do it again  . . . Dance – Go home – Do it again . . . Dance – Go home – Do it again. . .     

Do you ever have days when you walk into the front door of your ballet/dance studio and say to yourself, “Wasn’t I just here?”  Well dancehealthier is certain that our muscles – if they had a voice – would most likely scream this!  “WeReN’T wE JusT HERE!”

One way – of the many ways – we can help our muscles recover faster, taper off excess amounts of lactic acid and prevent muscle fatigue is to eat healthy foods.  Plus, these healthy foods will do much more than just help out our muscles.  The benefits are endless. To name just a few: Physical strength, digestion, heart health, confidence, mental health, and “just feeling good.”  Feel free to add to this list.

Today’s Post will be a continuation (if you haven’t noticed already) of last week, focusing on Milk/Dairy.  For a look at last week’s Movement Wednesday – Love Eats food list containing Protein, click HERE!


Each serving contains 12-15 grams carbohydrate, 8 grams protein,

0 – 1 grams fat, 90 – 100 Calories

Please take note: Appropriate serving sizes are not listed. The listed serving size is not what dancehealthier recommends as an appropriate daily serving size value.  This list is strictly used for educational/guidance purposes.  Please take into consideration – allergies and food sensitivities.



Skim milk

1 cup

½ % milk

1 cup

1% milk

1 cup

“Double Strength” milk(1/3 cup dry milk powder dissolved in 1 cup milk)

½ cup

Chocolate milk, low-fat (1%)

1 cup

Dry non-fat milk

1/3 cup

Plain non-fat or low-fat yogurt

1 cup

Yogurt, low-fat, light

6 ounces

Soy milk

1 cup

Although, not listed, almond milk, probiotic milk kefir, may serve as great substitutes or additional milk/dairy constitutes.  Also, many dancers confirm that drinking whole milk, and/or 2% milk is preferable due to a lack of enough!

This is how it will go for the next few Movement Wednesdays – Love Eats:

  • Week 3 – March 14th: Vegetables
  • Week 4 – March 21st: Fruits & Grains/Carbohydrates
  • Week 5 – March 28th: Fats

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