Tell dancehealthier – What You’re Thinking?

‘Plans change.  That’s why we must adapt.’

So, the plan was . . .

To check out this coffee shop that I have driven past numerous times to write and research today’s Movement Wednesday Research Shows post on antibiotics.  Specifically, I’m not sure how it would have turned out – but my idea was to write about the role of antibiotics, how they work in the body, and the reasons why sometimes they don’t.  That was the plan.

But, the plan changed . . .

In today’s world we expect that when we walk into a coffee shop we will have free access to WiFi and outlets which charge our batteries.  But, this place. . . had neither of the above.  So instead, I have (1) a pen – that I dug and found in the last explored pocket, (2) a piece of paper and (3) a new idea.  How did I not notice that the fairly packed coffee shop had not one customer using a computer.  Only drawing pads, books, papers, pens, cappuccinos, coffees, and lattes existed here.  I discreetly put my charger and computer back in its case and decided I would type it up later.

This got dancehealthier thinking . . . 

Why not ask my readers & my followers what they think – what you want to know more about – What you would like dancehealthier to write about?  Since it’s start-up, dancehealthier has explored numerous topics integrating both dance and health but never once has dancehealthier asked the question, “What would you like?”

  • Is there a topic you want to know more about?
  • What is your favorite topic, or what would you like to see more of – Love Eats, Balanced Self, Behind the Scenes, Peak Performance, Stress Check, Research Shows, Exercise Show & Tell?
  • What new ideas can dancehealthier explore?
  • Ask a question?  dancehealthier will answer or provide an appropriate referral’s answer.

Anonymous – No problem!  Feel free to comment your ideas below or e-mail  Either dancehealthier will find you an answer, or refer you to someone who know’s better!


8 thoughts on “Tell dancehealthier – What You’re Thinking?

  1. My favorite topic is “Balanced Self.” I think it’s very important for dancers to be whole people and I fully support the promotion of this. I struggle to create and maintain balance in my life so I love reading about professional dancers,how they live their lives and spend their free time, and what else is important to them besides ballet.

    I am also be very interested in reading about the mental health component of living life as a dancer, particularly in terms in dealing with uncertainty, anxiety, different/difficult personalities (fellow dancers, artistic staff, choreographers, etc.) positive thinking, connection of thinking with your body.

    Thanks for all you do! I’m excited to see how the blog develops!

  2. Thank you so much for your input! Your ideas are ones dancehealthier has not explored enough. Thank you for you thoughts, advice and I wish you the best of luck!

  3. I think it would be interesting to survey what different dance companies – large and small – do specifically to promote dancer health.

    And nutrition is a topic that most dancers could probably use more information on – esp. simple recipes that don’t take too much time but contain the right balance of carbs, protein and fats to fuel those lean mean fighting machines.

  4. I second the requests of your first two comments! ….I also really enjoy your “balanced self” posts, but would also love tips on ‘recovery’ time, ideas, etc… such as best foods and drinks to have post-dance to help muscles recover faster, and/or lactic acid buildup in the muscles to subside… thank you!

  5. That would be interesting to find and share results on how different companies manage their own dancers health. Thanks for your input – it will be a project. I’ll do some more recipe posts too.

  6. Great! It’s nice to hear that people are enjoying the ‘balanced self’ posts. I will do some posts on recovery time and best foods to eat – with the help from experts I have in mind!

  7. I would be interested to see pictures of dancers off stage. What do they do with their time and how do they see “dance” creeping in and expressing itself as an aspect of their other pursuits? Or, I’d be interested to hear dancers’ answers to this question: If you were to choreograph a piece about your relationship to health and wellness as a dancer, how would you go about it?

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