Dancer: The Worst Job Ever, Really?

For all who haven’t seen (and even for those who have) the post below circulating FB, twitter, or your e-mail box, take a look below!  The Six WORST Jobs from Bad to The Worst: Dancer holding the spot  for the second to worst job in America!  The article sure does get its point across, depicting the words, “BAD,” “WORST,” “THE WORST,” all following the title, “How do you spend your day?” Should we as dancers, reevaluate our career path?  Nope, and this is why!

The worst job ever, really?  What are they basing this chart on anyway?

  • Salary – Okay we don’t make a lot of money, but we for sure can make a living.  It’s not the 70’s anymore.  You don’t have to be a starving artist to be a dancer these days.
  • Stress – Well maybe we don’t know any better, because you can actually make a living as a full time dancer, so we can’t compare our stress to other jobs.  Either way, after all the stress (which becomes very tolerable), we experience euphoric accomplishments and unique memories.
  • Number of Hours –  Did this article fail to mention that dancers work for unions, such as AGMA or Actors Equity, or follow the guidelines of these unions, in protection of our working day.  That’s right – dancers under AGMA work 30 hours in a rehearsal week – Which is 10 hours less a week than other salary paid jobs.
  • Working Conditions  – Required sprung floors, workout facilities, appropriate working temperature range, workers compensation, benefits. . . They may not be the creme of the crop but we’ve got um!
  • Security – Year to year contracts may not provide excellent job security, but dancers understand the risk of our occupation, and the short life expectancy of the career as well.  We are prepared for a life after dance.

Now for the next big question, “What did this article fail to mention?”

  • Prestige – Dancers may not gain a high status or reputation achieved by wealth, but as dancers we have the power or influence to impress, or glamour.
  • Camaraderie – We get to go to work today and have a network of support, that cultures us, helps us grow, and makes us laugh.
  • Passion – That’s right. . . We get to do what we love to do everyday.  It’s as simple as that.

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