Need a Little Inspiration?

How about a little inspiration for a Wednesday. . . Hump-day Wednesday push, perhaps?  Or a just a boost to move, inspire, and motivate us.  We all need to be moved (in today’s case, by being motivated), and a boost sometimes is that exact push we need.

Did you know that sometime within the last 3 million years the human brain experienced a substantial change in growth, particularly in the  frontal lobe region?  So what, right?  Well actually, it makes us unique in the way that the human being is the only organism that can think beyond the “now,” and into the “later.” Maybe you are moved in order to get to that subjective “ideal” place in the future. Or maybe being moved just gives us that “happy” feeling – the feeling that can’t be explained, only felt.  Hopefully that “happy” place that you feel, rather than what your mind or others tell us, drives you to “your ideal” place.  And lastly, hopefully “your ideal” place is what and where you thought it would be.  Even if it’s only in your imagination.

Today’s Push:  Everyone should dance.  Everyone should make music.  Each day without music drains a drop from the soul.  But only the chosen few should become dancers and musicians.  For when you seek that path, you sign up for a lifetime of unyielding dedication, discipline, and pain, the crucible that transforms the person into the artist.  – Jacques d’Amboise




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