A Resourceful Interview and OFFER from Active Release Treatment specialist, Andy Shetterly.

We as dancers, no matter how hard we try to avoid its occurrence, still get injured.   Injuries can occur acutely, chronically, and at different levels of severity.  Regardless of these factors, injuries are never easy things to deal with.  Regardless of the type or severity of the injury, it always poses a major QUESTION MARK in the mind of a dancer, which is, “What do I have to do in order to heal and get back dancing as easy and fast as possible?”  Many professional ballet companies, or schools, have medical teams that can help you in the right direction, but sometimes we are forced to seek out more.  To perhaps, get over the hump!


That’s how we meet people like Andy Shetterly.  Andy, who works out of Cincinnati, Ohio, is certified in all three of the following extremely effective stand alone therapeutic modalities: Active Release Techniques (ART), Neuromuscular Therapy (NMT) and Active Isolated Stretching (AIS). His healing hands have helped numerous professional ballet dancers of the Cincinnati Ballet, professional Reds and Bengal players, as well as many other athletes and non-athletes around the cincinnati metro area.  Andy is known for his healing hands, huge heart, and perseverance.  He will not quit until he sees and/or feels results.

Before the Q&A proceeds, dancehealthier would like to quote an OFFER that Andy provided at the end of his interview which states, “I would really love to be a resource for dancers who have been dealing with injuries or rehab who may have reached a plateau, where they could stay in Cinci to receive intensive work, 3 or more hours per day.”  This goes to show how unbelievable he really is.  For more details visit his website by clicking HERE, or by calling 859.802.0448.  

And now onto the Q&A!

dancehealthier:  Hear what dancers need to hear. Anything helpful?

Andy:  Dancers are some of the most amazing athletes in the world and how they each care for their body, the primary instrument of their profession, is absolutely critical. Not only must they perform at the highest level on a daily basis but also they must endure extreme physical rigors, which sometimes lead to chronic overuse injuries, acute injuries or both.

I believe that being proactive and taking care of minor injuries and discomfort, preventively or at the early signs of pain or discomfort, will likely reduce the chance for a minor ailment to turn into a major injury.

dancehealthier:  Tell us about Peak Performance and why it is such a passion?

Andy:  My passion and my prime focus is to help individuals out of pain, prevent injuries and to help people reach their peak level of physical performance, whether that be on the field of play or on the stage of life.

Everyday, I work with clients who had tried a multitude of other treatments and were told that they may “just have to live with it.”  That’s when I come in to help them realize that they don’t have to be in such pain and they can return to doing the activities they love. That’s my passion.

dancehealthier:  How is working with a dancer different than working with a non-dancer. Your approach, exercises, your focus?

Andy:  Dancer’s push on, where many other athletes from other sports are afforded the opportunity to have more time to rest or recover. Athletes can go for a week or more without practice and jump right into a game with little or no drop-off, whereas dancers require such precision and practice with such fine motor movements, individually and as a group, that to miss too much practice, can negatively impact a practice or a performance.

Every dancer with whom I have worked with has a burning desire to either practice or perform, without missing a step, unless ordered to sit by their physician. Dancers oftentimes continue to push to a limit, where the overwhelming signal of pain is finally heeded and they then get the required soft-tissue work, to help them regain their balance and get them out of pain.

dancehealthier:  What should a dancer know about ART/NMT/AIS and why these methods and modalities are effective and appropriate for dancers?

Andy:  This combination of therapies consisting of Active Release Techniques (ART releasing adhesions, which is internal scar tissue resulting from inflammation), Neuromuscular Therapy (NMT relieving Trigger Points) and Active Isolated Stretching (AIS increasing flexibility and releasing fascia restrictions) to help normalize soft-tissue and release pain. Unless an individual is receiving specific hands on therapy, which focuses on normalizing key causes of pain or restriction as mentioned above, the chance of reoccurring pain or injury remains. Stretching and strengthening are critical to helping someone get back to 100% but if the soft-tissue is not adequately addressed, full recovery may not occur or could be delayed.

dancehealthier:  Any advice for a dancer when it comes to Integration of dance and health, what would it be?

Andy:  Be proactive to get therapy you need, before you actually require it. It is also highly recommended that you build a supportive team of therapists who are able to release both adhesions and Trigger Points. You will experience less pain and have less chance of injury, increasing both your enjoyment and longevity of your career and passion.

dancehealthier:  What do you mean by, “Let’s team up!” and how is working together with your client crucial to your work?

Andy:  “Let’s team up!” means that we work together to unravel the cause of the ache, pain or restriction that the person has been dealing with. When I work with someone, each and every second is interactive, specific and focused. Whether we are doing a fifteen-minute session or a 3-hour session, each person will receive the exact therapy required.

I welcome anyone interested in contacting me to either help them find therapists who may be able to assist them or to do intensive therapeutic sessions in the Cincinnati area or in your local area.

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