A new year, not a new week!

Whether a dancer or not, we all make and intend to stick to our New Year’s resolutions.  There is something always nice about the ball dropping on New Year’s day.  Perhaps the ball symbolizes something differently for us all, but perhaps it’s greatest meaning is a fresh new start.  With this comes a list of resolutions to conquer.  Sometimes these resolutions stick but inevitably sometimes they get lost in the daily grind of life.

Dancehealthier wants to help.  Here are some tips to help them stick!

  • Don’t overdue yourself with too many resolutions.  Making too many resolutions, especially too big of ones can become overwhelming.  One big resolution or feasible small ones might be more practical.
  • Prioritize your resolutions.  Perhaps the more timely resolutions should be placed higher on the list and the smaller (less tasking) ones can follow.  Setting equal priority might turn a good intention into something too daunting.
  • Place them in categories.  Life categories can be family, work, marriage, life, social, environmental, self.  This way the resolutions can be less tasking and easier to handle.
  • Write them down and put them where you can see them.  Maybe in your reminder app on your phone, on your car visor, or placed on sticky notes in just the right places.
  • Be patient and don’t give up so easily.  Changes don’t happen at the snap of your finger.  Give it time and try again.
  • Don’t get worked up about them.  No one wants a resolution to become an obsession.  Work towards it and the effort with time will play out.  No worries!
  • Don’t get caught up in the ambition of it all.  Keep it chill and remember the big picture. It will come with patience, diligence and good intentions.

Glad to be back.  Happy happy New Year! Stay tuned for a conversation with Active Release Treatment (ART) specialist, Andrew Shetterly, this coming Sunday.

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