A 2011 recap, a top list, must reads from Dancehealthier

Today, dancehealthier will conclude the final post for this year’s Movement Wednesday category.  With a number of Nutcracker shows, Christmas on its way, and a vacation to celebrate, dancehealthier would like to say a huge thanks, and above all, a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all.   Following this Sunday, dancehealthier will pick back up on January 11, 2012 !!

In celebration of dancehealthier’s first few months, I would like to share some favorite posts since day 1.  Perhaps either a recap, a top list, or a new read – All ways work!


The very first entry on September 4.  An entry on how happiness compels a dancer.  What makes dancers from around the world happy?  What compels them to keep working?  Click HERE to read!






Also, in an earlier post, Brooke Wade Murphy’s personal definition of health, with dance in mind, is written so well that it gained a lot of attention.  Check it out HERE!





Kathleen Rae Thielhelm

A deeper look into a dancer’s perspective – A dancer’s profile with an in depth look at why she feels there needs to be a greater awareness of a dancer’s health.  See what she has to say HERE!






Tutus and Tea

Blog inspired!  Tutus and Tea, Shelby Elsbree, makes the integration between dancers and health a more balanced one!  She and her blog are great, so be sure to take a look HERE!






PT and Pilates Specialist

Dancehealthier exploring expert opinions like this one, A Q&A session with Jill Vonderhaar Nader, PT and Pilates Specialist who has worked with a number of dancers! Click HERE!






Integration between dance and health would not be the same without the integration of dancers, past dancers, experts, and others working together to make this happen.  Balance is the key.  That is what dancehealthier is all about!

Stay tuned for the final 2011 Conversation Sunday post ( a continuation of last week’s Entry – Click HERE to read) this Sunday titled, From Dancer to Health Promoter Part 2 with Kate Crews-Linsley.


3 thoughts on “A 2011 recap, a top list, must reads from Dancehealthier

  1. Congratulations on starting such a beautiful, integrative and inspiring blog this year! Enjoy your Christmas season, I look forward to tuning in 2012!!

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