A Deeper look into a Dancer’s Perspective – A Dancer’s Profile

Happy Halloween everyone!  Enjoy this week’s Conversation Sunday – Behind the Scenes entry, all in fun.  A dancer’s profile, with a wrap up with why she feels the integration of dance and health is vital.  More to come . . .
Vocation: Principal Dancer with North Carolina Dance Theatre
Defining Moment on Stage to Date: One of my first performances as a professional, a girl became injured and I had to go into a soloist spot with very little rehearsal time. While I was performing it felt right, and I new this is what I was meant to do. Even though it was terrifying, I loved every moment of it!
Favorite Style of Dance:  Balanchine! I grew up doing it and it will always have a special place in my heart.
Inspiration: Other artists. It is amazing what people can do and what they have to offer! I am inspired everyday by the art I see, hear, and feel.
Favorite Dance Wear Brand: I like a mod podge of different brands. Anywhere from Target to Class In.
Favorite Energy Breakfast: Greek yogurt with cereal sprinkled in, topped with a banana.
Favorite thing to do on a “day off” from Work: Spending the day gardening with Tom (my boyfriend) and Frederick (my dog).
How do you blow off steam: Clean! The kitchen, bathroom, closet , you name it!
What’s next for you:  I am trying to figure out what I want to do after I retire and start going to school for it (if need be). I think it is important to have a plan and to start executing as early as possible.
Why do you think integration of dance and health is needed: I believe to have a long fulling career it is really important to be healthy. Maintaining your own health promotes both prevention and speedier recovery for any injury.  Also, you are physically stronger while mentally knowing that your are performing at the best of your ability.

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