“I would say good health is the sense of accomplishment you feel when you’ve found the balance between self respect, good self-care, and pushing hard to achieve your physical and mental goals.” – Julia Erickson: Principal dancer with PBT and Co-Founder of Barre

The word balance came up most often from the number of dancers that defined health – with dance in mind.  To do what we do , to push past limits, to become stronger dancers, we must then have a balance of health.  What we as dancers cannot forget is that we are people first, dancers second.  So beyond just physical and mental health, we also cannot forget about the other segments of the pie – social, emotional, spiritual, and environmental.  Together these elements make us up to be people.  People who throughout the course of life, pull from these segments differently, depending on which way the road is leading us.  Life as a person and life as a dancer must collaborate together, but also remain separate.  This is not meant to cause distraction, but make us have greater self respect, self-care, and above all greater purpose.

Instead, this relationship between self and dancer creates a push and pull effect.  One feeds off the other.  One needs the other in order to fulfill its true potential, a well rounded person, and a healthy life.  So indulge yourself, try something new, explore, and see if it helps.


3 thoughts on “Balance

  1. Balance is such a crucial element to what we do and strive for as both people and dancers… I recently posted on the same topic. What a lovely and important asset to strive for…Thank you!

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